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Join us in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua!

Your Legendary Hosts for 2024:

Sherman S. & Johnny G.

Friday October 11th
5:00 PM - Sign up
With (Captain Randy)
at (Josseline Restaurant)
6:00 PM - Dinner of Legends
7:00 PM - Speaker Meeting 

Saturday October 12th
at (Josseline Restaurant)
9:00 AM  - Breakfast of Champions
10:00 AM- Speaker Meeting

at (Josseline Restaurant)
6:00 PM  - Dinner of Legends
7:00 PM  - Speaker Meeting

Sunday October 13th

at (Josseline Restaurant)
9:00 AM   -Breakfast of Champions
10:00 AM-Speaker Meeting

Price for the Roundup 
at (Josseline Restaurant)

What's included?
2 Dinners 
2 Breakfasts
1 T-shirt

Call For Transportation
Mr Ow Nica Travel Group
+505 8851-6232

Canteno Transportation Travel & Tours Nicaragua
+505 7781-8155

Highlights from October, 2023

Blue Skies

Men's Roundup 

Three Days of a Gathering of Miracles
11 - 13 of October 2024
This is our 13th year

Take your sobriety to the next level!

This is a high caliber weekend where men with epic sobriety share about living their best life. These are men who are 'doing the deal' in recovery. They are following the design for living laid out in our program and are willing to share honestly about their challenges, their failures, and their successes. This weekend will enhance every aspect of your life. You will learn about fellowship, recovery and service. Come with an open mind and you'll feed your heart and your soul. 


And, of course, there will be some epic cigar smoking before, after, and in between meetings.

Screenshot 2023-05-07 122617.png
A Bit of Round-Up History:

One day two guys named Randy's got together in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. The
 annual Central America AA convention in Costa Rica changed dates from October to May. Some of the men they knew had already booked time off work and bought airline tickets for October. The Randys talked about having a round-up in Nicaragua. They figured it would be  a weekend where men could enjoy their favorite pass times: AA, recovery and cigar smoking. And, it would balance nicely in October with the Costa Rica convention in May. So, they changed their ticket destination to Nicaragua and The Men's Round-up in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua was born. Thank-you to the two Randys:  Randy Harvey (RIP)and Captain Randy M.


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